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19 October 2017
Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert gives talk on the Catalonian independence referendum at UGlobe’s first ever Rapid Response

On Thursday 19 October 2017, UGlobe organised its first ever rapid response on the referendum concerning Catalonian independence. Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert was invited to speak, along with lecturer Stefanie Massink and a Spanish exchange student.

Prof. Ryngaert discussed the legal aspects and implications of the referendum and an eventual Catalonian declaration of independence. Even though international law does not explicitly prohibit declarations of independence, the right of external self-determination does not apply as there are no gross human rights violation in Catalonia. Even more, a unilateral Catalonian state secession would likely not be internationally recognized if it is not recognized by Spain, and even if a secession did succeed, Catalonia would not automatically become an EU member, nor would it be able to fall back on WTO rules regarding international trade. Prof. Ryngaert concluded that it would be best to solve the current situation within a Spanish context, with far-reaching devolution probably being the best option.

UGlobe’s rapid response aims to provide a platform for discussion and reflection on current issues, including input from researchers and the public.

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