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Cedric Ryngaert speaks at Conference on The Principle of Common Concern in Global Law at World Trade Institute

On 22 and 23 June, Cedric Ryngaert spoke on extraterritoriality at a conference organized by the World Trade Institute in Bern (Switzerland), titled Towards a Principle of Common Concern in Global Law.

Extract from the Conference Programme:

‘This conference would showcase the initial conclusions of a three year long project funded by the
SNSF on the same title and expose results to critical review. The project explored the theoretical
formation of the globally solidifying norm of Common Concern of Humankind and examined the
possibility of its application in different fields of international law, both traditional (e.g. human rights,
climate change and trade) and emerging ones (monetary regulation, income inequality). The objective
is to present before an expert audience, the theoretical positions taken in the project and brief specific
findings regarding the case studies.’

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