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Cedric Ryngaert addresses European Parliament in Brussels on the connection between EU external relations and Universal jurisdiction

On 28 June, Cedric Ryngaert addressed the European Parliament in Brussels at a workshop entitled ‘Universal jurisdiction and international crimes: Constraints and best practices’. Cedric spoke on the connection between EU external relations and universal jurisdiction. A video recording of the talk can be found here.

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Cedric Ryngaert speaks at Conference on The Principle of Common Concern in Global Law at World Trade Institute

On 22 and 23 June, Cedric Ryngaert spoke on extraterritoriality at a conference organized by the World Trade Institute in Bern (Switzerland), titled Towards a Principle of Common Concern in Global Law. Extract from the Conference Programme: ‘This conference would showcase the initial conclusions of a three year long project funded by the SNSF on the…

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Successful final conference of the UNIJURIS Project on 18 June 2018

On 18 June, all members of the UNIJURIS team (directed by Prof Cedric Ryngaert) presented their findings at a conference held in Utrecht. Comments were made by members of the Steering Committee as well as a wide range of academics and professionals from around the world.

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Cedric Ryngaert holds presentation on the exercise of Dutch criminal jurisdiction to provide accountability for profiting from foreign labour exploitation practices

From organiser’s website: ‘During the conference on February 6th, the research team of the ‘Slaves to the System’-project will present new cases and will further expand on former cases, such as the Poland case. The new report will show that the North Korean regime has a worldwide network that exploits the labour of its citizens to…

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Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert gives talk on Criminal jurisdiction over Corporate Human Rights Violations at the Asser Institute

On 8 January 2018, Cedric Ryngaert spoke at the Asser Institute’s ‘Winter Academy’, an event set up in the framework of the Institute’s ‘Doing Business Right’ project on corporate social responsibility. Prof. Ryngaert’s talk addressed Criminal jurisdiction over corporate human rights violations. More information on the ‘Winter Academy’ (taken from the Asser Institute’s website): ‘The…

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Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert speaks on ‘The Challenges for State Jurisdiction in International Law’ at Queen Mary University of London

On 29 November 2017, Cedric Ryngaert shared his research with several European legal academics at a workshop on ‘Jurisdiction in International Law’. The event was hosted by the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs (CEILA) at Queen Mary University of London and is a work in progress workshop involving a number of contributors to the…

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Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert gives lecture on ‘Separation Movements’ at Amnesty International Nijmegen

On 27 November 2017, Amnesty International Studentgroup Nijmegen invited Cedric Ryngaert to share his legal expertise on the topic of ‘Separation Movements’, alongside political science professor Andrej Zaslove. Prof. Ryngaert spoke about whether a referendum about separation, for example in Catalonia, can be seen as legal, and to what extent the national government has the…

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