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Port state jurisdiction & the sustainable use of marine resources

NOAA Ocean Explorer: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: INDEX 2012 “G

Ports of Global Authority: Evolution of the International Law Governing the Enforcement of Regional and Unilateral Sustainable Fisheries Regulation by Port States.

This research project investigates the international law governing extraterritorial port state jurisdiction (PSJ), when enforcing unilateral or regional fisheries regulation against foreign vessels flying the flag of non-parties to such regulation. Whilst applied within its territory, PSJ can potentially regulate extraterritorial conduct. Regimes of jurisdiction, law of the sea and international trade law govern such state authority. Having established the governing framework, the project examines the relationship from an alternative perspective, i.e. whether PSJ practice has adjusted the legal framework. Finally, unilateralism and current PSJ enforcement powers, as sustainability tools, are evaluated. The focus throughout is fisheries regulation of areas beyond the maritime zones of the coastal state in which the port state is located.